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Are you thinking about studying in The United States? If you are, there's probably an SAT® in your future. Taking the SAT is one of the the first steps in finding the right college for you — one where you'll best succeed in discovering the tools necessary to pursue your passions. B.Y Mafit has all you need if you want to write the SAT in Nigeria


The SAT helps colleges get to know you better by giving them insight into how you think, solve problems and communicate. The SAT measures what you’ve learned — basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics — and how well you apply that knowledge.

Your SAT score is just one of many factors that colleges look at when they consider your application. They also look at your academic record, your involvement in school activities, your application essay and your letters of recommendation.

The SAT is taken by more than two million students every year at thousands of testing centers (usually secondary schools) around the world. Many high school students take the SAT twice — once in the spring of their junior year and again in the fall of their senior year.

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The SAT is written in the following states in Nigeria: ABUJA, ABA, LAGOS, KWARA, ENUGU, BENIN, IBADAN, JOS, KADUNA, LAGOS, OSUN, PORT HARCOURT.


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Taking the SAT opens the door to a world of possibilities. Your journey to a bright future starts here.

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