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TOEFL Center in NigeriaRight after our award in the United Kingdom as the best in Africa, and after a rigorous selection process by international observers from all continents around the world, B.Y Mafit Limited was selected as the BEST FOREIGN EDUCATION CONSULTANT IN WEST AFRICA. Our passion for unrivalled quality service has made us the best center for the TOEFL Exam. When you deal with us, you are rest assured that you are dealing with the best


New zealand Organization For Quality (NZOQ). Quality Austria (QA). Flemish Quality Management Center VCK. Bosnia And Herzegovina Association. Club 9000. Quality Council Of India (QCI). Croatian Society For Quality (HDK). Czech Society For Quality (CSQ). Cyprus Association For Quality (CYAQ). ESTONIA Association For Quality. Association France Quality Performance (AFQP). Deutsche Gesell schaft For Quality E. V. (DGQ). HELLENIC Management Association (EEDE). Hungarian National Committee For EOQ (HNC-EOQ). Chinese Society For Quality (CSQ). Dubai Quality Group (DQG). Japanese Society For Quality Control (JSQC). Korean Society For Quality (KSQ). Network For Quality. Productivity And Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN). Russian Organization For Quality (ROQ). Singapore Quality Institute (SQI).


It's our Anniversary and we are giving out five freebies for a perfect TOEFL Exams score!

1. FREE 2019 KAPLAN Textbook with CD Rom: Get the 2019 updated version of the Kaplan TOEFL textbook (released a few days ago), with CD ROM free, once you register for the TOEFL. You would not need to pay any extra amount to the N40,000 you paid for your test registration to get this. This will be shipped to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. Office pick up is also available.

2. FREE MAGOOSH TOEFL Online Prep Course: If you can not make it down for lectures and need a compact online training, this comes in very handy. The Magoosh TOEFL Online Prep Course which has been adjudged as the best online training program for the TOEFL has helped our students achieve high scores of over 100 on their TOEFL iBT exams. It is an online tutorial that helps you build the skills you need for success on the TOEFL test. You get a Personalized Learning Path created by using the results of diagnostic pretests taken at the beginning of each skill section. Your Personalized Learning Path focuses on the specific skills where you need improvement and allows you to complete lessons at your own pace. Post-tests evaluate your progress in each skill area. The course helps you improve your skill levels in reading, listening, speaking and writing - the 4 skills measured on the TOEFL test. You get this FREE with your registration.

3. FREE Intensive Class Based Lectures: Register for the TOEFL before May 02, 2018, and get to attend the TOEFL classes at our ultra modern training facilities. Our lecture halls come with learning aids and they are A.C tight, so you can learn in a conducive environment. This also helps ensure success on the TOEFL exam.

4. Lowest Test Registration Fee: All our freebies will be given to you, when you pay the registration fee of just N40,000. The fee is subsidized only when you register before May 02, 2018, to celebrate our Anniversary.

5. FREE Counseling: Get the best counseling with regards to your test prep and study abroad options.


Service Description Fee
Cost of TOEFL Registration in Nigeria

Special discounts apply during our promo at intervals. Call +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744 or click on the Register Now button to get your discounted TOEFL exam fees, based on your location
Kaplan TOEFL iBT in Nigeria Get the just released 2019 edition of the Kaplan TOEFL iBT Book - Hardcopy, (Shipped across Nigeria) for FREE. That's the physical textbook FREE. Office pick up also available. FREE
Free TOEFL Materials in Nigeria Get the latest edition of THE OFFICIAL GUIDE, along with our lectures FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018. FREE
Free TOEFL Textbooks in Nigeria In addition to the Official Guide, get "Cracking the TOEFL iBT", FREE, if you register before May 02, 2018) FREE
Apart from the official guide get other Materials (Combination of Books, Past questions, Simulated questions, Audio Lectures, Critical Guidance and comprehensive prep kit) (FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018) FREE
Four weeks intensive TOEFL lectures at our ultramodern lecture facility. (Lecture pack available for those outside Lagos, and Abuja or who cannot make it for the classes) (FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018) FREE
Magoosh premium online coaching and special crash course for close test dates FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018 FREE
Study Abroad Pre-Counseling FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018 FREE
Online classes for professionals, and out of state residents FREE if you register before before May 02, 2018 FREE


We have just been nominated for yet another award. We were nominated to receive The International Quality Crown Award (United Kingdom) as one of the best quality providers in Nigeria. To celebrate this, we are giving some of our paid services FREE if you register before May 02, 2018.



Date Status Register
May 05, 2018 Open Register
May 19, 2018 Open Register
May 26, 2018 Open Register
June 02, 2018 Open Register
June 16, 2018 Open Register
June 23, 2018 Open Register
July 07, 2018 Open Register
July 21, 2018 Open Register
August 04, 2018 Open Register
August 11, 2018 Open Register
September 08, 2018 Open Register
September 15, 2018 Open Register


***Important update: you should register as soon as you can, as spaces fill up quickly. Dates listed are the next available dates.
For proper guidance, chat with us or call our hot lines: +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744, +2348051535769.

TOEFL Registration in Nigeria



The TOEFL is written in The TOEFL is written in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Asaba, Enugu and Jos. However, you can register from anywhere you are in the world. A testing center will be assigned to you after you register. Call us to get the closest center to you.

You can register by coming down to our office to make payments, start classes, receive all your prep kit and all other freebies. If you are an out of state resident, click here to register. For further clarifications, please call our hotline.


Please ensure you present a valid international passport on the day of your TOEFL test in Nigeria. Driver's licence, National ID cards etc., will not be accepted. Your international passport must not have expired. Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted. For further clarifications, please get in touch with us.


The TOEFL exam in Nigeria measures a couple of things. We have years of experience in preparing students who pass the test in flying colors. You could pass your exam as well. Let us help you!



In case you need more in depth explanation about what the TOEFL in Nigeria is about, the next few paragraphs will tell you all you need to know about the test. If you know about the TOEFL already, just click on the register button above to get started on your way to very high TOEFL scores


We offer the cheapest TOEFL rate in Nigeria, and the best package possible. Once you are registered for the test, you qualify to receive ALL the prep/study materials, free in Nigeria. Our Intensive coaching classes are also free. Our experienced tutors guide you through the critical aspects of the TOEFL and give you ALL you need to ace the test. Better still, they give it to you, FREE. Too busy or can not make it for lectures? No matter where you are in the world, we organize the first of it's type online classes, where our tutors teach, grade, evaluate and counsel you online, as if you were in a real classroom. This is free when you register before May 02, 2018. Call our hot line on +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744, +2348051535769 to get one of the limited tickets.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language basically tests your English Language proficiency, using North American English as guideline. The iBT (Internet Based Test) is a computer based test that delivered in real time over the internet. You would need to get a test date and center to write it.


Is TOEFL an examination? Hem ... Many people see TOEFL as an examination. TOEFL iBT is more like a test. TOEFL contains no Structure section. As already mentioned, TOEFL iBT includes no discrete-point testing. Your knowledge of the grammar of English is measured within the skills sections of the test. For example, you must correctly apply rules of English grammar when speaking on the test. TOEFL is a skill. It must be learned.

TOEFL EXAMS in Nigeria

The TOEFL is not really an examination. It is a test of reasoning. It involves special skills to ace the "exam". One of the skills is the "note taking". TOEFL iBT allows note-taking. You can, and in fact should, take notes in every section of the test. B.Y Mafit Limited will help you develop all the skills you need to ace the test.


B.Y Mafit Limited has bagged awards over the years as the best registration center, with great support service in Nigeria. Our unrivaled support system ensures that we deliver the total package and ensure that you score high on the TOEFL.


To get started, chat with our live counselors. You can also call our hot-line: +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744, +2348051535769


We have listed the states in Nigeria where you can register for the TOEFL below:

TOEFL in Abuja, TOEFL in Anambra, TOEFL in Enugu TOEFL in Akwa Ibom, TOEFL in Adamawa, TOEFL in Abia, TOEFL in Bauchi, TOEFL in Bayelsa, TOEFL in Benue, TOEFL in Borno, TOEFL in Cross River, TOEFL in Delta, TOEFL in Ebonyi, TOEFL in Edo, TOEFL in Ekiti, TOEFL in Gombe, TOEFL in Imo, TOEFL in Jigawa, TOEFL in Kaduna, TOEFL in Kano, TOEFL in Katsina, TOEFL in Kebbi, TOEFL in Kogi, TOEFL in Kwara, TOEFL in Ilorin, TOEFL in Lagos, TOEFL in Nasarawa, TOEFL in Niger, TOEFL in Ogun, TOEFL in Ondo, TOEFL in Osun, TOEFL in Oyo, TOEFL in Ibadan, TOEFL in Plateau, TOEFL in Rivers, TOEFL in Sokoto, TOEFL in Taraba, TOEFL in Yobe, TOEFL in Zamfara.

If you are resident in some of these states, you would be required to complete your registration online. Please speak with a live counselor for more information.

You can register for the TOEFL in Lagos either by coming down to our office or online. We are a center for TOEFL in Lagos. If you are not resident in Lagos but other states such as Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Cross River, Ibadan, you can also complete your registration for the TOEFL online.

TOEFL fees in Nigeria

The TOEFL fees in Nigeria is subsidized during our freebies month. You will also receive free lectures, materials and counseling if you register

TOEFL Examination Centers in Nigeria

There are different TOEFL Examination centers in Nigeria. Once you register, the closest center will be assigned to you. You can contact us to get your closest TOEFL exam center in Nigeria. You can register for the TOEFL from anywhere in Nigeria

How long do I need to prepare for the TOEFL?

The time required for preparation varies really, but to get your prep time, speak with our counselors

What are the sections of the TOEFL?

The TOEFL in Nigeria is made up of four sections. The Reading section, Listening section, Speaking section and Writing section. During our lectures, we give students all they need to have high scores on the TOEFL in Nigeria

Which is better? TOEFL or IELTS in Nigeria.

The major difference between the TOEFL and IELTS is that the TOEFL is more of a computer based test, while the IELTS is a written test. Speak with an admissions counselor to get the best advice on which test to write

How to Have High scores on the TOEFL in Nigeria.

We register and prepare students in Nigeria to have high scores on the test. Our proven strategies ensure that you have your target scores

TOEFL in Nigeria - Speaking section

The key to doing well on the speaking section of the TOEFL is to apply a strategy developed by our TOEFL instructors. It is called the "queuing theory". Enroll now, get the skill you need. The speaking section of the TOEFL in Nigeria, is normally the most difficult for some test takers. However, those who go through our classes score the highest on this section. Enroll for our free classes today.


There are a network of test centers across Nigeria. However, it is possible to get test seats in a particular state and not get in another, due to the number of registrants in the states under consideration. You are advised to register immediately for the test, as soon as you make up your mind to write it, so as to secure a test seat. Writing the TOEFL in Nigeria is one thing, having a good score is another. We focus on the two.

Intensive TOEFL prep to ensure High Scores

The lectures we hold have been adjudged as the best structured class for the TOEFL in Nigeria. We ensure that our students have high scores. If you follow the blueprint, you should be just fine

Writing the TOEFL in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt etc.

You can write the TOEFL in different states in Nigeria. Speak with a live counselor to get the TOEFL center closest to you in Nigeria.

TOEFL test Tips in Nigeria. (TOEFL in Nigeria March 01 2018)

Just like any test, there are tips and tricks that you can apply to ace the test. Speak with a live counselor to get the tips, all for free, during our promo period. Passing the TOEFL in Nigeria is possible. You need to get your TOEFL skills right to ace the test!

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 01 2018)

Writing the TOEFL in Nigeria is not as difficult as many people think it is. Many people fail the TOEFL test in Nigeria because they do not have the right set of resources and the right tactics to approach the test. Our core competence is preparing test takers for the test, and ensuring success. Speak with an Admissions counselor to get the best TOEFL test strategies, and how to receive free TOEFL lectures and study materials in Nigeria, when you register before May 02, 2018.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 30 2018)

Try to be audible when answering questions on your TOEFL speaking section. You might not be graded if you are not audible during the TOEFL test

School for TOEFL Exams in Lagos (Daily Tips: March 29 2018)

Our TOEFL School offers intensive lectures and classes for the TOEFL in Lagos, Nigeria. Our school is structured to cater for the adults as well as young students. Contact a school representative to find out how you can be a part of our school benefits.

Centers for TOEFL in Lagos (Daily Tips: March 28 2018)

You can register for the TOEFL in Lagos either by coming down to our office or online. We are a center for TOEFL in Lagos. If you are not resident in Lagos but other states such as Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Cross River, Ibadan etc., you can also complete your registration for the TOEFL online.

TOEFL in Nigeria (Daily Tips: March 27 2018)

The TOEFL test in Nigeria is structured to test your ability to understand the type of English spoken in North America. Contact a live counselor for tips on the things to look out for.

TOEFL in Nigeria - High Scores (Daily Tips: March 26 2018)

The basic key to having a perfect score on the TOEFL, is to be relaxed. You are not writing to win an Olympic medal, so, take a deep breath! If you are not relaxed, you could as well take a nap during the test, because you have failed already!

TOEFL in Nigeria (Daily Tips: March 25 2018)

The TOEFL test organized in Lagos, Port Harcourt and other testing sites in Nigeria, is a test of reasoning. It is an English based test, but you are required to learn some basic skills to ace the test. For TOEFL study materials in Nigeria and strategies, get in touch with us.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 24 2018)

Doing well on the speaking section of the test requires daily practice. Mundane things you encounter can help you on your speaking section

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 23 2018)

During our lecture series, you will also have a personal one-on-one instructor, who will teach you and help you get prepared for the TOEFL in Nigeria. Register today!

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 22 2018)

A key strategy to doing well on the TOEFL in Nigeria, is having someone guide you through the process. Get in touch with us to get your tutorial and counseling today.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 21 2018)

Arrive at the test center early. The TOEFL test in Nigeria starts by 10.00 am. If you arrive late, you might not be allowed to take the test.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 20 2018)

The TOEFL test in Nigeria is made up of the READING, WRITING, SPEAKING and LISTENING sections.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 19 2018)

We offer intensive classes as well as online classes. For TOEFL classes in Nigeria, contact us now.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 18 2018)

The TOEFL is not really an examination, it is a test of reasoning.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 17 2018)

The best way to pass the TOEFL is to ensure that you are adequately prepared. You could be a good swimmer but would you go for the Olympics without practice? Many people are good in spoken English but "utterly suck" at the TOEFL test. Speak with an Admissions counselor on how we can help you pass the TOEFL in Nigeria.

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 16 2018)

Writing the TOEFL in Nigeria requires a lot of hard work... if you don't know the tips and tricks. Once you know the "secret of the trade" it becomes a breeze. We have turned the TOEFL inside out. Trust us, "we've got the real deal"

TOEFL in Nigeria (March 15 2018)

You must have a study strategy to do well on the TOEFL. Our classes will expose you to all you need in order to pass the TOEFL excellently.