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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test designed to measure the ability to understand and to use English as it is used in a North American academic setting, such as a university. Standardized tests are widely used in the United States for college and graduate school admissions and professional licensing. B.Y Mafit Limited has a proven track record in helping with TOEFL Registration and Tutorials in Nigeria. To get started with TOEFL registration in Nigeria, click the button below: Register for the TOEFL in Nigeria.

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Contrary to popular belief, writing the TOEFL in Nigeria is quite easy. Take for example in soccer. Teams are said to have "Home Advantage" because they have practiced on a particular pitch for a long period of time, under varying conditions. So also is the TOEFL. All you need is the RIGHT SET OF TOOLS and the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND. It's as easy as your regular "J.S.S 3" English test, but you can fail it all together if you do not have the right approach. To solve this problem, we will give you ALL you need to score HIGHER on the TOEFL, after you register for the test. And better still, it is FREE. Protection Status