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People at times wonder why "Brainiacs" fail the TOEFL Test. Many people have an "A" in English Language on their O Levels, yet, fail the TOEFL Test. The reason behind this is not farfetched. TOEFL is not based on British English. It's based on North American English. Also, TOEFL is not really an examination. It's a an aptitude test. It tests your learned skills. You must acquire the required skills, if you want to do well on the test.


Total Time



60-100 minutes

Read 3-5 passages



Answer 12 to 14 questions on each passage


60-90 minutes

Listen to 2-3 conversations



Answer 5 questions on each conversation



Listen to 4-6 lectures, 2 of which include student comments



Answer 6 questions on each lecture


20 minutes

Speak based on familiar experience (2 independent tasks)



Speak based on a reading and/or a listening passage (4 integrated tasks)


50 minutes

Write an essay based on a reading and a listening passage (1 integrated task)



Write an essay based on a prompt only (1 independent task)

The times listed do not include the time needed to read and listen to section directions. The times listed for the Listening and Speaking sections are close approximations. There is a 5-minute break after the Listening section

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