Multiple Awards... BEST IELTS CENTER IN NIGERIA (2018/2019)

...And we did it again! We have been awarded as the best IELTS Center in Nigeria, by IELTS! We did it in 2018 and we repeated the feat in 2019. Our passion for excellence and our quest to ensure you pass the IELTS in flying colors has made us number one.

Right after our award in the United Kingdom as the best in Africa, and after a rigorous selection process by international observers from all continents around the world, B.Y Mafit/IELTS Support Nigeria was selected also as the BEST FOREIGN EDUCATION CONSULTANT IN WEST AFRICA.

When you deal with us, you are rest assured that you are dealing with the best

Scholarship Guaranteed

Free Immigration Support

Register with us within the promo period and get Canadian immigration consulting (Express Entry/Provincial Nomination Program)! Before you pay someone millions of Naira for this, why not consult with us and get the professional guidance? We also offer educational (Study abroad - IELTS Academic) consulting once you register for the IELTS with us. It's all FREE!

IELTS - Before, During and After

We are your one stop shop for everything IELTS. From Lectures to taking your test to result collection, everything happens at our center. This means that you can pick your favorite seat, take lectures on the same seat, and write the test, on the same seat.
We also guide you and assist you on how best to use your result after you have seen them

Cash Prize of N75,000

After each IELTS test, we select some candidates with high scores and give them a full refund. If you score 8.5 and above, you qualify for a cash reward. Our aim is to do everything within our power to ensure you succeed. We give you everything you need to score 8.5 and above on your test. Let us reward you for following our tips and tricks on how to ace the test.

Thinking about Canada?

We can help with your Canadian immigration

As the awarded best Foreign Educators in West Africa, we have an impressive track record and we can help you settle abroad

  • Free Immigration Pre-assessment
  • Free Scholarship Pre-assessment
  • Immigration Counseling
  • Admission Placement and Scholarship Programs
  • We can handle the process from start to finish


  • FREE Intensive Class Based Lectures: Register for the IELTS and get to attend the IELTS classes at our training facilities. Our lecture halls come with learning aids and they are A.C tight, so you can learn in a conducive environment. The classes run during weekdays or weekends for eight weeks. We have been awarded as the best IELTS prep center in Nigeria, by IELTS. Our instructors are well seasoned and will give you all you need to achieve high scores

  • FREE Online LIVE Classes: Talk about interactivity and one on one training, given to you wherever you are in the world! Join our online classes taught LIVE 3 times a week during the evenings. Though this class is taught by Alice, (An European and our head of Language Studies) we know exactly what you need as a Nigerian to ace the IELTS test. This comes FREE after you register with B.Y Mafit/IELTS Support Nigeria. There are discussion panels for a lot of questions, articles, information, tips, videos, audio recordings and lots more. Since this is a Nigerian class, we ensure that we teach based on what you need to ace the test. As with regular classes, we have home works after each lesson that will be graded, corrected and you will be given tips on how to improve on your scores. You can chat, ask questions and even speak to your instructor during the lectures.

  • FREE Magoosh IELTS Online Prep Course: In addition to our online classes, taught LIVE, this comes in very handy. You get pre-recorded video lessons and personalized training structured based on your skill level. You get a Personalized Learning Path created by using the results of diagnostic pretests taken at the beginning of each skill section. Your Personalized Learning Path focuses on the specific skills where you need improvement and allows you to complete lessons at your own pace. Post-tests evaluate your progress in each skill area. The course helps you improve your skill levels in reading, listening, speaking and writing - the 4 skills measured on the IELTS test. You get this FREE with your registration with us at IELTS Support Nigeria.

  • FREE IELTS Textbooks (E-books): Get Free soft copy materials, carefully selected to aid learning.

  • FREE Barrons IELTS (E-book): Get the Barrons IELTS Textbook (E-book) with skill-building tips to help you do your best. FREE hardcopy Textbook if you register in Port Harcourt

  • FREE Kaplan IELTS (E-book): Get the Kaplan IELTS Textbook as well, to assist you with your prep.

  • FREE Cambridge IELTS (E-book): Get the IELTS Materials, directly from the makers of the IELTS Test.

  • 8. Test Registration Fee: All our freebies will be given to you, when you pay the registration fee of just N75,000.

  • 9. FREE Counseling: Get the best counseling with regards to your test prep and options at Mafit Study Center/IELTS Support Nigeria.

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Meet our Head of Language Studies

Alice is our head of Language Studies at Mafit Study Center/IELTS Support Nigeria.

She is a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.

She also hold a Master of Education, from University of Education in Jagodina, Faculty of Kragujevac.

She will be one of your instructors on the IELTS.

Heads up

Please ensure you have a valid international passport before you register for the IELTS in Nigeria. Also ensure that you come to any of our IELTS testing venues on the day of your test with the same International Passport you registered with

We Stand By You from Start to Finish

Registration, Lectures, Testing, Result Collection, Result Usage

At Mafit study, we have the full package and it's FREE! Once you register with us, you get the following.

IELTS Registration in Nigeria

Registration with soft copy materials, Online lectures, Live Webinar lectures (3 days a week) Physical Lectures and 24/7 support, Immigration and Study Abroad Consulting : N75,000 . 2019 (6th Edition) Barron's IELTS Book (Paperback) - optional N5,000. and lots more!

IELTS Testing Center in Nigeria

Get to sit for your IELTS at any of our testing centers in Nigeria. We have first hand experience in the question types and modules and you can be rest assured that we will give you all you need to ace the test, since you will be writing the test with us.


  • FREE Kaplan IELTS Prep Book e-book
  • FREE Barrons IELTS Prep Book e-book
  • FREE IELTS past questions and tips
  • FREE Magoosh Premium Account
  • Simulations, Audio Lectures and lots more

Class Based Lectures

FREE 2 months Intensive Lectures (A.C tight and conducive learning environment).

Online Lectures

Free Online classes for everyone including professionals, and out of state residents. Classes hold LIVE, three times a week.


We help you achieve awesome scores, so we can also help you with your immigration and admissions process. It's free!

IELTS in Nigeria

More information

In case you need more in depth explanation about what the IELTS in Nigeria is about, the next few paragraphs will tell you all you need to know about the test. If you know about the IELTS already, just click on the register button above to get started on your way to very high IELTS scores.

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 01 January, 2020

We have listed the states in Nigeria where you can register for the IELTS below:

IELTS in Abuja, IELTS in Anambra, IELTS in Enugu IELTS in Akwa Ibom, IELTS in Adamawa, IELTS in Abia, IELTS in Bauchi, IELTS in Bayelsa, IELTS in Benue, IELTS in Borno, IELTS in Cross River, IELTS in Delta, IELTS in Ebonyi, IELTS in Edo, IELTS in Ekiti, IELTS in Gombe, IELTS in Imo, IELTS in Jigawa, IELTS in Kaduna, IELTS in Kano, IELTS in Katsina, IELTS in Kebbi, IELTS in Kogi, IELTS in Kwara, IELTS in Lagos, IELTS in Nasarawa, IELTS in Niger, IELTS in Ogun, IELTS in Ondo, IELTS in Osun, IELTS in Oyo, IELTS in Plateau, IELTS in Rivers, IELTS in Sokoto, IELTS in Taraba, IELTS in Yobe, IELTS in Zamfara,

If you reside in majority of the states you would be required to complete your registration online. Please speak with a live counselor for more directives.


IELTS in Nigeria
  • 03 January, 2020

To get started, chat with our live counselors. You can also call our hot-line: +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744, +2348118875007. The IELTS is more of a test than an examination. You need to prepare your mind towards writing the test with the right set of skills.

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 04 January, 2020

We organise special classes for adults especially those writing the General Training Module. The best approach to writing the IELTS in Nigeria and having very high scores is to work on your psychology. Physiological preparation is one of the aspects covered during our intensive lectures



IELTS in Nigeria
  • 05 January, 2020

The IELTS test dates in Nigeria are listed on this site. You need to register as soon as possible to get the next available IELTS test date in Nigeria.

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Program in Nigeria (DAILY TIPS - December 01 2019)

Writing the IELTS because you wish to apply for the Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Program? Get your desired scores by getting our free lectures and preparatory materials if you register during the promo period. You are required to write the General Training Module of the IELTS

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
IELTS IN NIGERIA (DAILY TIPS - December 02, 2019)

The best strategy to achieve high scores on the IELTS is nothing but adequate preparation. It is popularly said that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. We organize intensive lectures to ensure that all our candidates score high!

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
IELTS IN NIGERIA (DAILY TIPS - December 03, 2019)

There are various IELTS testing halls which are used to conduct the test. An available IELTS testing center will be assigned to you at the point of registration. The best strategy to achieve high scores on the IELTS is nothing but adequate preparation. It is popularly said that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. We organize intensive lectures to ensure that all our candidates score high!

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
IELTS Exam in Nigeria General Module (DAILY TIPS - December 06 2019)

The IELTS in Nigeria (Academic Module) tests your basic knowledge of English Language, it's application and usage. The Academic Module in Nigeria typically presents problems that also tests your intellectual capabilities and how smart you are at deciphering conversations.

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
IELTS Exam in Nigeria Academic Module (DAILY TIPS - December 07 2019)

The IELTS in Nigeria (Academic Module) is a little bit more intensive than the General Module. In writing the Academic Module of the IELTS in Nigeria, test takers need to know what to expect on the test date and also have all the required skills needed. As commonly said, a problem known, is half solved.

IELTS in Nigeria
  • 06 January, 2020
IELTS IN NIGERIA (DAILY TIPS - December 09 2019)

IELTS Sections in Nigeria: The IELTS is made up of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. We are all used to the system of writing exams in Nigeria. However, writing the IELTS in Nigeria does not follow the regular system for written exams. The IELTS is more of a test than an examination and writing it requires a calculated approach. Writing the IELTS in Nigeria is a breeze. We will show you how!


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